My scientific approach tries to bridge the gap between clinical psychological and basic research. What are the causes and maintaining factors and how can mental disorders be treated successfully?  Since psychopathology is often associated with decision-making incapacity and rational-analytical rumination, I investigate whether patients with depression have lost access to their gut feelings and are thus limited in their intuitive judgment. Since intuitions are very helpful in everyday life, I am also investigating how intuitive judgment can be promoted. Currently, I am investigating which emotional states promote or prevent intuitive judgment and under which conditions and with which consequences people make intuitive judgments and decisions in everyday life.


In exploring the question of which factors contribute to well-being and sense-making, but also depression and loss of meaning, I am particularly interested in the role of more or less conscious needs and (gut) feelings, as well as in the significance of basic personality functioning. A dimensional understanding of health (vs. disorder) as well as the question of causes (etiology) is important to me against the background of a psychodynamic perspective.