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11/2005 01/2006

Training as psychological psychotherapist at the Berlin Academy for Psychotherapy (


Visiting scholar at the “Emotion Regulation Lab” of Prof. Sander L. Koole at VU University, Amsterdam


Completion of PhD at the University of Hildesheim (summa cum laude)

 Subject “Mind Your Intuition – Impaired intuition in patients with depression and the influence of mindfulness on intuitive judgments”


Research project at the University of Würzburg with Prof. Dr. Sascha Topolinski




University degree: Diploma in Psychology at the FU Berlin



Visiting researcher at the “Psychophysiology Laboratory“ of Prof. James Gross at Stanford University, USA; here: Diploma thesis on the subject: “Anomalous Experiences Contribute to the Formation of Anomalous Beliefs in Supernatural Phenomena”


Study of Psychology at the FU Berlin




Study at the University Sorbonne, Paris: “Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne“



Work Experience

since 11/2016


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Clinical psychologist at the Berlin Vivantes Wenckebach-Clinic for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics


Scientific staff member at the University of Hildesheim, Institute of Psychology, Department of Clinical Psychology